Why Are You Obsessed With My Lady Bits?

So. My original plan was to blog about how good health is systemic and different ways we could employ good health and blah blah blah.

Then the SCOTUS Roe V Wade Overturn leak came. You know the one. Yeah, the one where they basically will maybe probably decide we females shouldn’t have the basic human right of bodily autonomy anymore.

I’m sure many had the same response I did: Why?

I mean, why on earth would it make any human feel better just lording over another person for no real good reason based in actual fact?

Seriously, as soon as kids hang around other kids we teach them the basic human rule of You Have The Right To Yourself. Your stuff. Your space. Your body. Only to grow up and realize that the powers-that-be still in fact hold possession in the form of Law to possibly take that back away. The power to choose for us what’s best for…us.

Again, why? Why would one group of humans decide they know what’s best for any other group of humans’ own selves?

That’s what I wanna discuss right here, right now.

Let’s not go down the path of how it’s unfair or we’re going back 100 years. All of those are valid, real statements but it’s what we’ve all been discussing on the socials, right?

Let’s discuss what gives one human the gosh-darn-mother-cursing audacity to feel they have the actual RIGHT to take away another human’s rights and saying they know better than the actual human who’s head they’re deciding above?

We all live this shit everyday. Bad company management, entitled HOAs, lazy work group partners all deciding their way or the highway. And we all know there is no real highway. Why do these people decide their opinions should rule and our own liberties should be spit on? Especially when those liberties include our own actual body parts and our own abilities to decide for ourselves what we require?

It’s some straight-up Handmaid’s Tale Come To Life shit right here.

These people, many of them white and old and male, seem to think they know better what dire situations their constituents are in. They know them all personally apparently, and apparently many of us are using abortion as birth control so Everything Must Stop.

Nah. Most females making the heartbreaking decision to end a pregnancy are doing so for their own personal reasons like they got raped and having to raise their rapist’s baby has to be the worst ask of any woman on the planet. Or their pregnancy isn’t viable and it’s a bigger mental health breaker to be forced to carry that unviable human to term. Or they have kids already by some dude who refuses to stop beating on Mom and the other kids…and she’s too scared to say no to his Husband’s Rights to her vagina and she was just about to make a run for it with her already affected children.

Why do these largely white conservative dudes feel they know better?

Here’s a thought. Most of these largely white conservative dudes have had the idea that they’re special and smarter and more able and super-golden hand-fed to them since birth by a society who by choice or by force has said “Yeah, okay”.

It’s basic entitlement.

When a society has said for a millennia, “we hereby decree that white males are trustworthy, more intelligent, and better equipped to make your decisions for you”, it’s a hard sell for some to believe otherwise and a harder sell for those large percentage of white males in power to persuade otherwise. Why on earth would these guys advocate when it’s so much easier and fun to feel like everybody else’s bigshot kings?

It’s entitlement. They’ve heard for years that they’re in charge and more worthy. That they know better. And they want those laws to keep it that way.

How the hell do we fight an accepted notion regardless of how it’s been proven over and over again how unacceptable and incorrect it is?

Because they’re coming after our birth control next. Then over what race we can each procreate with. This was a big bang, but others will be smaller. Less discernable. Until we’ve got nothing.

I feel the same way I felt after the January 6th Insurrection. Helpless. Wanting to scream that these particular people had big issues with BLM protests, but think their deadly insurrection was really nothing but an overblown tour group messing around. I was incensed that anyone would believe I’d be so stupid to swallow any of that. Then everybody took their sides to glare down and troll the other side.

Now this.

It doesn’t matter if you think all of us women are sluts who only use abortion as our standard birth control method, which has been proven wrong again and again by actual statistics. It doesn’t matter if you’re a white male who actually thinks you should have a say in what a woman does or that you’re smarter than her. It really doesn’t matter what side you’re on here.

They’re coming for you eventually.

They’ll do it small so you won’t notice at first. Women and People Of Color seem easier so we’re first, we’re minority groups who are honestly sort of used to being shit on constantly. And to the white men who are pro-choice, pro-BLM, and pro-females having the mofo right to their own mofo decisions? You are amazing. We see you. We see you kicking and screaming to be let out of your prisons as well.

But the deciding movers and shaker lawmakers are coming for you conservative old-fashioned men, too. And the old-fashioned females who kind of like being oppressed for whatever reasons they have.

Our rights to ourselves, our own decisions in our own lives, our own personal empowerment? It’s turning to smoke. This is another test to see how much they can push that envelope.

I’d love to be so Zen I can say ahh what will be will be, but I can’t. I can’t stop thinking about some little teen in Texas who will get raped by some trusted family member and she has nobody to believe her and no support system to keep her from having to ruin her life and raise this jackass RAPIST’S child when she’s just a child herself. See, alot of us aren’t whores who make bad decisions. We’re forced. Just like alot of people who happen to have a different skin color aren’t untrustworthy, they’re simply painted that way so these particular powers can keep on top of the human heap.

Don’t you just want to scream “women and people who speak different languages/have other beliefs/live within other cultures/look different than you have exactly the same capacities to be great, you idiots”? I mean, what will it take for the narrative to flip and for us to adopt this actual, real POV? What will it take for everybody to treat everybody else as equals who have stories we might not and to be curious about those stories, be each others champions instead of each other’s villans?

I don’t know the answer because I’d be doing it already. WE don’t know the answer because we’d be doing it already.

The answer is coming. It might be a million little answers. We’ve gotta keep looking. We’ve been looking to our lawmakers but a certain percentage of our lawmakers are benefiting from the problem so they have no interest in being part of the solution. Or they feel it wouldn’t be a good representation of any small-minded, entitled constituency they feel they represent and have no interest in rocking that small-minded, entitled ship.

Come together, sisters and brothers. Let’s start looking. Not in the ways we have, those ways obviously haven’t worked. Everybody needs different stuff in order to thrive, but when the right to decide what that stuff is has been decided by those who don’t look like us, live like us, or can relate to us?

What will be that one deciding thing that makes us have enough?



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